We recognise there is a climate emergency and we believe that business must lead the way in tackling the crisis. This means a fundamental shift in business philosophy. Traditionally, profit was the top priority for business. From now on this must change. We will put the environment before profit. Sustainability is what matters more than anything else. This is our philosophy. We don’t believe in ‘mission statements’
(they’re usually just corporate window-dressing); the finest words and aims are useless unless backed up by real and effective actions. Three rules govern our approach to ethics and the environment: Privacy, Charity and Sustainability.


We don’t store credit card details and we promise we will never pass on your email address or postal address to third parties (except for delivery purposes).


We believe in giving pack to the local community. For every cake we sell we donate 10 pence to charity. Our chosen charity is currently Dorothy House Hospice who provide wonderful palliative care to the area of
Wiltshire, England, where we’re based.


Energy – we want to reduce our consumption of fossil-fuel derived energy. The energy for our offices is from 100% renewable supplies and the bakery has also just had solar panels fitted across its roofing.

Recyclable Packaging – our packaging is predominantly tins and cardboard (both very recyclable). When we pack our cakes for delivery we only use recyclable cardboard and paper based sealing tape - no plastic!

Eradicating Single-Use Plastics – We aim to replace the small amount of oil-based plastic we
use with plant-based compostable film. We want to be a plastic-free business!